Our board members and governance

All members of the Older People's Partnership Board are Directors of the charitable incorporated organisation. Additional roles that form part of our  constitution are held by  Directors. The Chair and Vice Chair are voted for by our partner organisations. 

All members of the board are unpaid volunteers as assume the role of Trustee  as required by the Charity Commission. 

 Claire Champlin - Chair

Claire is Chair of the Board and also chair of the Partnership Forum. She has been chair since 2016 of the partnership forum, and became chair of the charity in April 2017 on its formation.

Claire leads the board and supports the directors in their area's of work.

Claire is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the charity and developing the partnership forum and member organisations

Kevin Delaney - Vice Chair

Kevin is Vice Chair of the Board, a role he has been in since the formation of the charity in April 2017.

In his role, Kevin is responsible for funding opportunities and future project developments. Kevin also supports the community development and engagement work undertaken by the charity.

 Helena Spencer -   Secretary

Helena is the charity secretary, which she came into in January 2019. Helena has been on the board as trustee since the formation in April 2017.

Helena is responsible for ensuring a legal obligations under the constitution and charity commission regulations are adhered to by the board.

Joanne Liversedge - Treasurer

Joanne joined the board in January 2019, and took over the role of Treasurer in April 2019 from a previous board member.

Joanne is responsible for the financial planning, reporting and governance of the charity.

Mike Foers    

Mike joined the board in January 2019, having previously been on the partnership forum and involved in the Older People's Week planning for a number of years.

Mike is responsible for developing the strategic plan, marketing the charity and fundraising.

Cheryl Oakshott 

Cheryl was previously was Chair of the partnership forum and of the constituted group until 2016, she rejoined the now charity board in January 2019. 

Cheryl is responsible for funding opportunities, bids and sponsorship.

Matt Wright  

Matt joined the board in January 2019 and has been a member of the partnership forum since 2017.

Matt is responsible for the communication,  marketing, engagement, social media and fundraising.

Our Governance and Delivery Model Framework 

Our operating model ensures we have the right checks, balances and processes in everything we do through our board and partnership forums and networks and working groups. The model is underpinned by our mission statement, core values and strategic objectives to be delivered over the next 3 years.


On developing this website to launch our strategic plan, our member partners will be consulted with on objectives, priorities and initial plans for delivering a structured framework for how the charity, will operate in the short to medium term future both at partnership and leadership level. 


It is anticipated that by November 2019 the partnership and board members will have approved the objectives and associated plans ready to implement at the beginning of 2020. 

Our delivery is via the Older People's Partnership Group, whereby partners support the development of our projects.