A simple statement

Our mission is to promote the value older people bring to our society and receive the services they require as and when needed, whilst maximizing their independence, knowledge and reducing social isolation. 

Through our network of organisations that provide support and services aimed at people aged 55 and above, we seek to create an environment in which skills, knowledge, experience and resources are shared to benefit older people in Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire.


We aim to deliver a partnership network of like minded organisations who are signed up to our principles of partnership working and positively embrace our core values as part of their own. 

Through this partnership enhancing services, creating additional value and reaching more people with details of initiatives and opportunities available to them.


We will provide a digital experience for our partners, to ensure information on services and support for older people is shared across our network. 

Never loosing sight of people, we will provide a partnership forum for organisations to bring their information and ideas to, in order to champion older peoples services together. 


We will consult and engage with older people and their families/carers to develop our charity and our partner organisations. We will support commissioners,  service providers, funders and the public with service development and improvements. 

We will achieve this through being a sustainable charity via fundraising and develop grant funded or tendered projects/services that are delivered in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire.


The heart and foundation of our charity is built on celebrating our older generation and their families/carers in Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire. 

We will celebrate this through International Older Peoples Day in October each year, and deliver additional events throughout the year. We will use these events to engage with older people and to share information about the local support network available to them in their communities

Our core values are embedded within the charity and the partnership forum

Our values are why the partnership was established and flourished


To work with older people, families and organisations to support people to stay independent


To ensure older people recieve the dignity and respect they deserve


To work together to provide opportunities for older people to try new things


To ensure that older people get the support they need to live a full and social life


To work collectively to provide opportunities for older people to come together in socialising and tackle loneliness


To ensure that older people are safe in their homes and community, by increasing access to information, advice and support from blue light services


To influence decisions and services to provide for needs of older people


To raise awareness of local services and support that will keep older people healthier